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When is Christmas This Year?

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This seems like a silly statement to make, right? This is something that I’ve heard Dave Ramsey say a lot on his radio show over the years. We all know that Christmas is on December 25 every year! However, many of us allow Christmas to creep up as if it is on some unpredictable, rotating schedule each year. We don’t plan for it, and then we end up forgetting about all of the financial goals and progress we have made all year in order to have presents to put under the tree.

Small Tip for Big Restaurant Savings

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Americans spend a lot of money eating out at restaurants. According this article, the average American spent an astounding $2,500 on food outside of the home in 2010! That is a lot of money. That’s $200 per month spent inside restaurants!

While I would consider seriously curtailing the amount of money spent eating out in order to meet a serious financial goal, there’s one little thing that you can do each time you eat out that can save you a lot of money in the long run. It’s very simple.

National Coffee Day Fail

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Today (September 29, 2013) is National Coffee Day. Lots of restaurants are giving out free coffee to commemorate the day. I would say that my National Coffee Day experience was a fail. I went to a national chain restaurant that I won’t name around lunch time. It has a rewards card program and its “free coffee” deal was attached to the rewards card. I didn’t have the card with me because too many stores have rewards cards now. I try to limit the ones I carry around to the stores I frequent a lot. I also use an app on my iPhone to “carry” them around.

The Biggest Mistake After a Raise

Posted by in Budgeting | 2 comments

We all love the idea of getting a raise. Oh the things we could do with more money! Whether you are an hourly employee, salaried, or working on full commission, you will experience a raise (hopefully) many times throughout your career . It could be a raise in your current pay within the same job, a promotion to another position, or moving to another company that pays more money. It is a wonderful feeling to make more money, because it helps us feel more accomplished at what we do.

However, there is a huge mistake many people make when they get a raise. Because of this, they really don’t see much long-term gains from the increase of their income over time. What is this mistake?