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Five Ways Take Advantage of Low Gas Prices

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We have been enjoying a period of the lowest gas prices in a very long time. At the end of the past few months, I’ve had to double check my budget for errors because my gas expenses were a lot lower than they would usually be. Many of us are spending almost half as much money on gas as we were six months ago. While the prices are starting to tick back up from the low of $1.99 in many places, we should not let this moment pass by without using this as a way to gain more traction towards meeting our financial goals. Make sure the money that you are now not spending on gas serves a purpose other than evaporation in your budget. Here are five things that you can do to take advantage of these low gas prices:

CVS: Huge Savings on Bounty, Tide, and Charmin

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Proctor and Gamble is not known for selling cheap household and personal care products. However, when you combine a good sale with coupons and CVS’s Extra Care rewards system, you can get great products for less than the bargain brands. This purchase only cost me $7 out of pocket. After Extra Care Bucks and an iBotta rebate, it was only $5.

Walmart: Price Match on Smithfield Bacon

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This week, I scored some huge savings at Walmart on a small number of items. Though shopping at Walmart typically cannot score you as many good deals as shopping at a regular grocery store, I will occasionally swing in there for a few items. That’s especially if I need to get breakfast items at 6:00 in the morning before the regular supermarkets open. 🙂

Switching Brands to Save Money

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We all have certain brands and products that we love that perhaps we have used our entire lives. I grew up using things like Vaseline lotion, Listerine mouthwash, Kellogg’s cereals, Kraft barbecue sauce, shopping at Walmart to save on all of those purchases, etc. Many of those products followed me into my adulthood as purchasing was a habit. However, when I decided that I needed to curb my spending, I realized that the products that I was accustomed to using were not always on sale when I needed them. Furthermore, the store that I thought was saving me a ton of money on those items weren’t even offering the items at the best prices.

Use Your Email Address to Save Big

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I don’t know if you’ve realized it yet, but nearly every website wants your email address. I’ll be asking for yours soon. 🙂 You can’t even get through the line at some of your favorite stores without them asking for your email address. Though email is one of the oldest aspects of internet technology, it is still the most valuable and personal one. Email isn’t just valuable for the companies, but it is valuable for you too when it comes to saving money.